At the private Montessori School where I work, I have the delightful job of introducing an artist or art movement to classes of three to six-year-olds. Part of that wonderful challenge is transforming the art room space into the world of that particular artist, where the children can feel inspired to paint and create their own masterpieces.

The children have crossed Monet's pond on his Japanese bridge, seen larger-than-life flowers and skulls and bones in Georgia O'Keeffe's desert, entered the wacky world of Pop Art, which included a giant chocolate milk box, played a giant colorful keyboard in Paul Klee's synesthetic tree space, relaxed in Paul Gauguin's Tahitian paradise, and walked the streets of Jean-Michel Basquiat's New York City. Each year my assistant and I decide which 3 artists we will discover and how to transform the space and each year it becomes more complex and exciting. Our talented Art Program founder, Diana, dresses the part of the artist to kick start each unit.

The art room studio is one of my favorite places. I'm happy to share these photos with you.

Audrey Sayer and Isabel Moffly work on a Picasso portrait mural